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Request ownCloud Membership Today!

If you haven't requested membership in ownCloud, why not? I just went to the service station to gas up my Suburban. There was a pickup on the other side of the pumps and the driver saw me add a little Fuel Mate to my gas tank. He asked, "What was that stuff you put in your tank?" Of course, that's all I needed, right? So we ended up having quite a conversation and I added some Fuel Mate Plus to his tank along with a little 4-Power. It turns out he is from a state over 1,000 miles away but in Lincoln helping his son remodel a house. He was very interested in not only the lubricant products but also the roofing products.

Before he left the station I had recorded his info in my phone and, as he was turning the corner, I was texting him what I promised him I would text him; a demo of 4-Power which I have on ownCloud! And ALL OF YOU THAT HAVE THE ownCloud APP HAVE ALL THE SAME INFORMATION! It is incredibly empowering to have all this information (over 40 years worth) at your fingertips! And with these latest conference calls on the AgroVantage and Fastrack products which Dennis Nun has been doing it is even MORE EMPOWERING!!!

The only reason everyone isn't using these products is because they don't know about them. Now there is an EASY way to get the information to them! All you need to do is to send me a text to 402-430-7733 with your name, email address, and Conklin distributor number and I will register you with ownCloud and ALL OF THIS INFORMATION WILL BE WAITING FOR YOU AND AVAILABLE THE VERY FIRST TIME YOU LOG ON!!!!

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